Data Processing Descriptions

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Ground-based instruments include All Sky Imagers (ASI) and Ground Magnetometers (GMAG). The THEMIS project, in collaboration with the University Of Calgary, has deployed 20 Ground Based Observatories (GBO) across Canada and Alaska. Hard drive retrieval from the sites takes about 3 months with an additional three months for the data to be transferred to UC Berkeley. Each GBO includes an ASI. Eleven GBOs have a UCLA GMAG. The remaining GBOs take advantage of existing GMAG networks, using magnetometers co-located near the GBO facility (5 from the University of Alberta CARISMA network, 2 from the University of Alaska Geophysical Institute GIMA network). The SOC also retrieves the full complement of GIMA magnetometer data (total of 10 stations) and processes these data into the same products as the UCLA and CARISMA magnetometer data. Using TDAS software, the University of Alberta will convert the remaining CARISMA network magnetometer data (total of 13 stations) into the same Level 2 CDF data products and will make those accessible to external users of the TDAS software.