Senior Review 2015 (June 11, 2015)

Submitted to: Steven Clarke, Director Heliophysics Division, Science Mission Directorate Jeffrey Hayes, Program Executive for Missions Operations and Data Analysis

Submitted by the 2015 Heliophysics Senior Review panel: Arthur Poland (Chair), Luca Bertello, Paul Evenson, Silvano Fineschi, Maura Hagan, Charles Holmes, Randy Jokipii, Farzad Kamalabadi, KD Leka, Ian Mann, Robert McCoy, Merav Opher, Christopher Owen, Alexei Pevtsov, Markus Rapp, Phil Richards, Rodney Viereck, Nicole Vilmer.

THEMIS Proposal for Senior Review 2015 (March 6, 2015)

Angelopoulos, V. and Sibeck, D.G., THEMIS Proposal for the Senior Review 2015 of the Mission Operations and Data Analysis Program for the Heliophysics Operating Missions.

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