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ESA Level 2 Data Processing History

This web page contains significant dates for changes in the software and mastercdfs that are used to create THEMIS Level 2 files for the ESA (Electrostatic Analyzer) instrument.

Dates for reprocessing of ESA L2 files are included.

Files thx_12_esa_yyyymmdd_v01.cdf (where x= a, b, c, d, or e):

Processing  Comments
2007-06-15:   ESA L2 files contain full, reduced, and burst energy flux spectrograms.
2007-09-11:  Reprocessed all L2 files to clean out bad files. No change in ESA variables.
2007-09-17:  Version of thm_12gen_esa that handles cases where only some ESA L0 packet data is present, and clears ESA common blocks before processing. ESA L2 files are reprocessed.
2007-11-07:  All L2 files are reprocessed due to changes in L1 state files which use improved spin calculations.
2007-11-15:  New version of thm_12gen_esa, includes calculation of all moments, densities, temperatures and pressures. Reprocessed all ESA L2 files.
2007-12-19:  Full reprocessing of ESA L2 files, to account for a 30% discrepancy in calibration that Jim McFadden found and fixed at the end of November. Also includes a correction for spacecraft potential which now comes from the on-board moments file.
2008-01-10:  Full L2 reprocessing. No changes in variables or file format.
2008-04-18:  Full L2 reprocessing for TDAS version 4.00 QA. No changes in variables, but metadata have been substantially "beefed up," with new CATDESC tags and plot labels.
2008-05-20  Boom deployment checks added into ESA files, ESA L2 files are reprocessed so that moments are not present pre-boom deployment.
2008-06-20:  Added sc_pot_source variable and attribute to ESA L2 mastercdfs. Ion moments are now included in pre-boom-deployment files with spacecraft potential set to 0 for calculation.
2008-07-03:  Reprocessed all ESA L2 files due to changes in spacecraft potential calculations.
2008-11-04:  Reprocessed ESA to add data quality flags, virtual variables and software version number.
2009-06-30:  Reprocessed ESA L2 files due to incorrect processing of 88X15 solar wind electron full mode, for THEMIS-A from 2009-02-02, for THEMIS-B from 2009-02-17, for THEMIS-C from 2009-02-18, for THEMIS-D and E from 2009-02-13.
2009-11-05:  Reprocessed ESA and MOM L2 files, to include new binary quality flags.
2010-02-27:  Reprocessed ESA, MOM, FIT, and FGM L2 files, due to new FGM calibrations, and new V03 L1 STATE data. No changes in variables or file format.
2010-04-21:  Reprocessed ESA, MOM, and FIT L2 files, due to new FGM calibrations, and new V03 L1 STATE data. No changes in variables or file format.
2010-05-17:  Reprocessed THB (post 24-Jul-2009), THC (post 13-apr-2010) L2 files in response to filled data gaps from L0/L1 processing.
2010-07-22:  Reprocessed full mission for EFI, ESA, FGM, FIT, MOM, and SCM; changed all L2 time formats to f12.8 (from e13.6, e19.12, and f12.2 in various files) and added solarwind mode flags to ESA and MOM files. Also implemented new calibration data for FGM.
2010-09-13:  Reprocessed full mission for ESA, MOM; corrected solarwind mode flags.
2010-10-29:  Reprocessed ESA, MOM for dates after 2010-10-04; fixed bug in SC potential scale factor.
2011-01-07:  Reprocessed full mission for ESA, FBK, FGM, FFT, FIT, MOM, SCM, and SST; to correct for data gaps at day boundaries caused by time clipping in load routines.
2011-03-24:  Reprocessed full mission for ESA; corrected solarwind mode flags.
2011-05-18:  For some times during boom deployment, the spin period dropped to a value below 2.5 seconds, causing problems with the accumulation of ESA and SST data, resulting in duplicate and non-monotonic time tags. This effected the the following probe data:
THEMIS A - September and December 2007, January 2008
THEMIS B - November 2007
THEMIS C - May 2007
THEMIS D - June2007
2011-06-21:  Reprocessed ESA and MOM full mission, all probes, to remove solarwind flag entries with nearly-duplicate time tags.
2014-02-27:  Reprocessed all probes, full mission ESA L2 files to add background subtraction for moments.
2014-09-26:  Reprocessed ESA L2 files for all probes, from 2014-03-26 on, to fix a problem with the spacecraft potential calculation.
2015-01-05:  Reprocessed ESA and MOM L2 files for all probes, from 2007-03-07 to 2015-01-01 to add dead time corrections to on-board and ground processed ESA moments.
2015-06-08 :  Reprocessed FGM L2 files for probe: A from 2015-04-01 to 2015-06-01 to fix a problem with the spacecraft potential calculation.
2017-04-18 to 2017-05-04:   Reprocessed FGM, FIT, MOM, ESA, SST and EFI L2 files for all probes for the full mission with new magnetic field calibration data.


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