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STATE v0, v1, v2 and v3 Data Processing History

This web page contains significant dates for changes in the software and mastercdfs that are used to create THEMIS v0, v1, v2 and v3 STATE files.


There are un-versioned STATE which revert to the highest version available on that day.

On the Processing Dates all versions of the STATE cdfs were reprocessed.

Files thx_11_state_yyyymmdd_vnn.cdf (where x= a, b, c, d, or e, nn=0,1,2,3):

Processing  Comments
2007-06-26:   L1 skeleton CDFs, conversion and installation scripts.
2008-04-10:  Removed trailing blanks in attribute values for ISTP compliance. Added new variable attributes for QSAS.
2008-06-18:  Added spin model parameters, pos and vel in additional coordinate systems. Added thx_spin_correction, to be calculated at 1 minute intervals in V03 state CDF
2009-08-05:  Finalizing spin phase correction variables. Adding variables for spin axis right ascension & declination corrections. Shares time variable with spin phase corrections.
2010-04-23:  Added new variables initial_delta_theta, idpu_spinper, and segflags to support eclipse spin model processing. Renamed delta_theta to delta_phi, for consistency with particle instrument naming conventions. Added additional spinmodel variables idpu_spinper, initial_delta_phi, and segflags to spin and state skeleton tables wrong units for spin_segflags.


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