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Xu Zhang, February 2021
Beam-driven electron cyclotron harmonic waves in Earth's magnetotail

Using THEMIS data we show for the first time that loss cone instability is not the only free energy source for Electron Cyclotron Harmonic waves- they can be driven unstable by low energy electron beams in the magnetotail. Read more.

Laura Vuorinen, August 2021
Magnetic Field in Magnetosheath Jets: A Statistical Study of Bz Near the Magnetopause

Statistical results of THEMIS data show that magnetosheath jets introduce southward Bz to the magnetopause during northward IMF, and vice versa. These results indicate that jets may have potential to locally affect magnetopause reconnection via their magnetic fields. Read more.

Christine Gabrielse, October 2021
THEMIS Cameras Provide an Unprecedented Picture of the Auroral Energy

We utilized the THEMIS ASIs in concert with meridian-scanning photometers to design a new technique that allows us to estimate the auroral energy flux, average energy, and resulting conductance. Read more.

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