THEMIS Data Processing Status

BDPS Description

The Berkeley Data Processing System (BDPS) File View web page consolidates the information found previous links under the "File Recovery and Statistics" which included:

  • "Probe File Recovery from Ground Stations"
  • "Engineering Data (VC1) Dump Verification"
  • "Virtual Channel (VC) File Statistics"

Here is a snapshot of one pass support's summary in the new BDPS File View (bdps_fileview ) webpage:

The ground station (BGS), spacecraft (THEMIS_D), and AOS and LOS times are the same as used to be listed under the "Probe File Recovery from Ground Stations" page, except that the new bdps_fileview service is driven off the request planning file, and so it also incorporates manually added pass comments.

The old "Probe File Recovery" webpage showed pass support rows that had received files from the ground station shared in light blue, and the user could click on a cell to see what those files were. In the new (bdps_fileview) page, all this information is presented on the main page -- one row for each virtual channel/file.

If no files for a pass have been received, it gets highlighted in red:

As you see here, the comments from the request planning file are passed through to the website, which makes it much easier to understand why there are no files received (in the above case, because the pass support was missed by DSN entirely).

Each virtual channel file associated with a pass is analyzed for frame gaps which are the most immediate indication of a problem with the downlink. Zooming in:

The frame count, frame loss, gap count, and recovered % information is calculated in the same manner as the old "Virtual Channel (VC) File Statistics" webpage, except the file statistics are now grouped with the pass support from whence they came. If any virtual channel has > 5% dataloss, it gets highlighted in yellow:

There are some differences between the old and new system:

  1. The new bdps_fileview only shows the scheduled passes that have actually occurred. The user will have to go to the THEMIS request planning file to see what's coming up, or I can add an option to the existing bdps_fileview link to make it show future passes as well as past. I like to keep the future passes of the file recovery website so it's easy to scroll to the top and see the most recent passes that SHOULD have files.
  2. The old system maintained a "Science Data (VC3) Dump Verification" page which correlates the data which housekeeping telemetry indicates was dumped ("Dump Cnt") to what was actually received in the ground files ("Ground Cnt"). This correlation is not performed in the new website, however if the frame stats show 0 errors, then all the packets are going to show up, so it is somewhat duplicative.

The BDPS Report page can be accessed here: