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Contact Us


For questions about the THEMIS mission:

Vassilis Angelopoulos (

For questions about data from specific instruments,
please contact the instrument leads below or the PI:

Vassilis Angelopoulos (

Electric Field Instrument (EFI):
J. Bonnell ( or F. Mozer (

Search Coil Magnetometer (SCM):
O. LeContel (

Flux Gate Magnetometer (FGM):
K. H. Glassmeier ( or U. Auster (

Electrostatic Analyzer (ESA):
C. W. Carlson ( or J. P. McFadden (

Solid State Telescope (SST):
D. Larson (

Ground-Based Observatories/All Sky Imagers:
S. Mende ( or H. Frey ( or E. Donovan (

Ground-Based Observatories/Ground Magnetometers:
C.T. Russell ( or I. Mann(

For comments, observations, problems or questions about data access, software
or web site content please contact the Themis Science Support Team.