THEMIS Data Overview

The THEMIS probes provide field and plasma observations of the solar wind, magnetosheath, and magnetosphere. THEMIS ground-based observatories provie observations of the aurora and corresponding magnetic field perturbations over northern North America. Consistent with NASA policy, all THEMIS observations and software are fully accessible to the research community. Interested users can follow the links below to find descriptions of THEMIS instruments, operating modes, data products, and gain access to the data themselves.

The THEMIS team looks forward to working closely with scientists interested in analyzing THEMIS data. Researchers are encouraged to contact either the Principal Investigator ( or the Project Scientist (, who will place them in contact with team members who can answer questions regarding the data sets, software tools, and instruments.


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Picture of Spacecraft Info. on Orbits Locations of GBO's


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Electric Field Instruments (EFI)                Data and Data Variable Descriptions
Fluxgate Magnetometers (FGM)                Data Product Descriptions
Search Coil Magnetometers (SCM)                Data Product Status
Solid State Telescopes (SST)                 Data Processing Status
All-Sky White Light Imagers (ASI)                 Would you like to access the Data Files?
Fluxgate Magnetometers (GMAGS)
Electrostatic Analyzers (ESA)