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THEMIS/ARTEMIS Post-AGU SWT Meeting Fall 2019

Saturday, December 14, 2019 at SF State Conference Center, San Francisco

Meeting Information

Detailed Schedule

Status of Missions/Instruments/EPO

Themis/Artemis mission status and future plans (V. Angelopoulos) PDF
SPEDAS and pySPEDAS (J. Lewis) PDF
THEMIS Future Orbits (S. Frey) PDF
Status of FGM (K.-H. Glassmeier)
Status of GBO (E. Donovan)
Status of TREx (E. Donovan)
THEMIS-ARTEMIS Education/Public Outreach (E. Masongsong) PDF
Cluster status and coordination with THEMIS and MMS (P. Escoubet)
Status of the Spherical Elementary Current Systems Data Set (J. Weygand)
The DTU Magnetometer Program and the MAG-SWE-DAN Project (T. Edwards)

Dayside and Lunar Science: (5-min presentations)

Michael Hartinger: Statistical relationship between ULF wave power and magnetopause location PDF
Xiaojia Zhang: ULF and periodic VLF waves induced by magnetopause dynamics PDF
Laura Vuorinen: Magnetosheath jets and their effects under different IMF orientations PDF
Andrew Poppe: ARTEMIS observations of electromagnetically induced fields from the lunar interior
Shaosui Xu: Reflected protons in the lunar wake and their effects on wake potentials
Xiaoyan Zhou: Escaping energetic ions and interplanetary shock criticality PDF
Anton Artemyev: Ion nongyrotropy in solar wind discontinuities PDF
Dmitri Vainchtein: Solar wind transient currents: statistical properties and impact on Earth's magnetosphere

Auroral, Inner Magnetosphere, and Tail Science: (5-min presentations)

Jimmy Raeder: Connection between BBFs and Auroral Streamers PDF
Xu Zhang: Electron Cyclotron Harmonic Waves Observed in and around Dipolarizing Flux Bundles
Christine Gabrielse: Using Van Allen Probes and THEMIS as a Daily Radiation Belt Monitor
Christine Gabrielse: Energy Flux and Conductance from Meso-Scale Auroral Features: Utilizing THEMIS ASIs for 2D Analysis PDF
Colin Wilkins: Initial Survey of Energetic Particle Fluxes Measured by the ELFIN Spacecraft PDF
Kun Zhang: Electron precipitation as measured by LEO satellites PDF
San Lu: Energetic electron acceleration by ion-scale magnetic islands in turbulent magnetic reconnection: Particle-in-cell simulations and ARTEMIS observations PDF
Jinxing Li: Statistics of substorm and non-substorm fast flows: Themis observations PDF
Steven Xu: Statistics of Current Sheets at Lunar Distance
Doug Cramer: Plasma Sheet Injections Viewed by OpenGGCM-CTIM-RCM, THEMIS, and VAP PDF

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