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THEMIS/ARTEMIS SWT Meeting Spring 2012

March 21-23, 2012 at UCLA De Neve Plaza, Los Angeles, CA

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Wednesday, March 21

Mission Updates & Programmatics (Vassilis, David)

News from HQ (Dennis Gallagher, Acting Program Scientist)

THEMIS – ERG Collaboration (Yoshizumi Miyoshi, STEL)

THEMIS/ARTEMIS Instrument status reports

FGM (Ferdinand)


EFI (John, Mike)


SST (Vassilis for Drew, Andrei)


Mission planning

Thursday, March 22

Joint session with IMC-II: Mission Synergy (lead by Yoshi Mioshi and A. Runov)

Friday, March 23

I. Solar Wind, Magnetosheath, Dayside Science, Global Modes

Hui Zhang (UAF), Hot Flow Anomaly

Ferdinand Plaschke, Magnetopause surface waves: A THEMIS case compared to MHD theory PDF

Michael Hartinger, Observations of global modes outside the plasmasphere

Xinlin Li, Recent enhancements on ULF waves study

II. ARTEMIS & lunar science

Harlan Spence, CRaTER results at the Moon and opportunities for joint science with ARTEMIS PDF

Andrew Poppe, ARTEMIS observations of lunar pick-up ions in the terrestrial magnetotail PDF


Shanshan Li, Two-point observations of plasmoid growth and expulsion PDF

Emmanuel Masongsong, THEMIS/ARTEMIS EPO PDF

IV. Plasma sheet, Aurora, MIC, Global current systems

Chih-Ping Wang, Ion anisotropy in the plasma sheet

Jenni Kissinger, Diversion of plasma due to high pressure in the inner magnetosphere during steady magnetospheric convection PDF

James Weygand, Spherical elementary current systems associated with north-south auroral arcs

Jonathan Rae, Properties of large- and small-scale currents in the magnetosphere and ionosphere surrounding substorm onset

Victor Sergeev, Observations of R2 currents associated with Substorm Current Wedge PDF

Stephen Mende, Pressure gradients and auroral currents

Xiaoyan Xing, On the Formation of Pre-Onset Azimuthal Pressure Gradient in the Near-Earth Plasma Sheet

Toshi Nishimura, Formation of substorm Pi 2: A coherent response to auroral streamers and currents

V. Near-Earth Plasma Sheet Transients

Victor Sergeev, Observation of kinetic ballooning/interchange instability signatures prior to breakup (on behalf of E.Panov, P.Pritchett et al.) PDF

Jiang Liu, Shape and Properties of the Dipolarization Front Current Sheet: Statistics PDF

Larry Lyons, Dipolarization fronts and substorms

Plans for the next THEMIS & ARTEMIS SWG