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THEMIS/ARTEMIS SWG Meeting Winter 2011

Saturday, Dec 10, 2011 at Sir Francis Drake Hotel, San Francisco

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THEMIS/ARTEMIS (Goodrich, Sibeck, Angelopoulos)

Constellation Status, Plans for Future (Cosgrove) PDF

Tail Season 5 Overview (S. Frey) PDF

AM Instrument and data product status

FGM (Lasse Clausen) PDF

SCM (LeContel, by Retino) PDF

EFI (Bonnell)

ESA (McFadden)

SST (Larson by Turner) PDF

A Simple Method for Correcting Spacecraft Spin Rate in Eclipse (Jianbao Tao) PDF

THEMIS eclipse spin-period models: theory and TDAS implementation (Ferdinand Plaschke) PDF

Ground Arrays (Mende) PDF

EPO (Peticolas and Ali) PDF

Status of Cluster mission (Matt Taylor) PDF

Lunar Solar Origins Exploration (LunaSOX) Project: Data Browse Service for Artemis and Other Lunar Mission Data (Cooper) PDF

Tu (LASP) radiation belt

RBSP collaborations

Science 5 Minute Presentations

Lunar Wake:

Jasper Halekas - Plume formed by pickup of protons reflected from lunar crustal magnetic anomalies

Andrew Poppe - ARTEMIS Observations of Non-monotonic Potentials above the Moon

William Ames - A Statistical Study of the Lunar Plasma Wake

Hui Zhang (UCLA)

Auroral and tail science:

Liu Jiang Magnetotail

Guiping Liu - Comparison of electric field between THEMIS satellites and their ionospheric conjugate points

Eric Donovan - In situ identifications of the ion isotropy boundary

Feifei Jiang - In-situ and FAST observation of the preexisting auroral arc

Stefan Kiehas - ARTEMIS plasmoid observations in the magnetotail

Tony Lui - Temporal variation of cross-tail current during near-Earth dipolarization

Xuzhi Zhou - Dipolarization fronts in the magnetotail: their interactions with ions

Andrei Runov - Multi-point observations of magnetotail reconnection and dipolarization fronts

Mark Wilber - Initial survey of electron scale magnetic depletions in Earth's tail

Tim Stubbs - Statistical Survey of the Magnetotail


Flavia R. Cardoso - Time-Dependent Reconnection on the Dayside Magnetopause

Ferdinand Plaschke - Standing Kruskal-Schwarzschild-modes at the magnetopause

Ferdinand Plaschke - Multi-spacecraft analysis of quasi-periodic LLBL waves

Sunhee Lee - Magnetic reconnection at the magnetopause

Michael Hartinger - Magnetospheric ULF waves driven by transient foreshock phenomena

Pu- Magnetopause

Solar wind:

Chris Chen - ARTEMIS Measurements of Solar Wind Turbulence

Megan Cartwright - Solar wind current sheet compression through the bow shock

Christina Chu - Hot Flow Anomalies

Hui Zhang (UAF) - Hot Flow Anomalies & Foreshock Cavities

Hui Zhang (UAF) - Magnetospheric Response to an Interplanetary Shock

Mitsuo Oka - ARTEMIS observations of future interplanetary shocks/CMEs