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THEMIS/ARTEMIS SWT Meeting Winter 2012

Saturday, Dec 18, 2012 at Sir Francis Drake Hotel, San Francisco


Registration is $10 for all attendees, to be paid by credit or cash on the day of the conference (a receipt will be provided).

Meeting Information

The meeting will be held in the Empire Room of the Drake Hotel. A modest registration fee of $10 will be collected at the door, to cover refreshment costs. We can provide a receipt.


Part 1: Status of missions/Instruments/EPO
8:30-8:40: News and Views from NASA HQ (Elsayed Talaat)
8:40-8:50: THEMIS/ARTEMIS news (Angelopoulos, Sibeck)
8:50-9:10: Constellation Status, Plans for Future (Bester)
9:10-9:20: Outlook of THEMIS orbits (S. Frey)
9:20-9:25: FGM (Plaschke)
9:25-9:30: SCM
9:30-9:35: EFI (Bonnell)
9:35-9:40: ESA
9:40-9:45: SST (Drew Turner)
9:45-9:50: Ground Arrays (Donovan)
9:50-10:00: EPO (Ali)

Break (10:00-10:15)

10:15-10:20: Status of Cluster mission (Matt Taylor)
10:20-10:40: RBSP status and collaborations (Bonnell/Sibeck/Angelopoulos)
10:40-10:55: RBSP/RBSPICE status and collaborations (Matina Gkioulidou)
10:55-11:00: Chilean site to distribute Themis/Arthemis data (Marina Stepanova)

Part 2: Science 5-min presentations

Lunar and Solar Wind Science: (5-min presentations)
11:00-11:05: Andrew Poppe - ARTEMIS pick-up ion constraints on the lunar exosphere
11:05-11:10: Jasper Halekas - The latest on lunar pickup ions: Looking forward to LADEE
11:10-11:15: Xuzhi Zhou - Preliminary results on lunar pickup ions
11:15-11:20: Zhang/Kivelson/Khurana - Studies of the lunar wake
11:20-11:25: William Ames - Statistical Study of the Lunar Plasma Wake Outer Boundary
11:25-11:30: Chris Chen - ARTEMIS Observations of Solar Wind Density Fluctuations

Lunch (11:30-1:00)


Auroral and tail science: (5-min presentations)
Stefan Kiehas - Competing X-lines observed with ARTEMIS?
Shanshan Li - Plasmoid growth and expulsion revealed by two-point ARTEMIS observations
Robert Ergun - Turbulence in the Bursty Bulk Flow Braking Region
Mitsuo Oka - Electron Acceleration by Near-Earth Magnetotail Reconnection
Christine Gabrielse - The effects of transient, localized electric fields on equatorial electron acceleration and transport toward the inner magnetosphere
Jiang Liu - On the current sheets surrounding dipolarizing flux tubes in the magnetotail: the case for wedgelets
Mike Hartinger - The role of the ion foreshock in driving Pc5 ULF wave activity
Justin Lee - Low-energy ions near the magnetic equator and their role in the EMIC instability
Xiaojia Zhang - Quasi-steady, marginally unstable electron cyclotron harmonic wave amplitudes
Feifei Jiang - Ionospheric and magnetospheric flow shear associated with the preexisting auroral arc
Eric Donovan - Direct observation of field line curvature
Eric Donovan - Arcs and the plasma sheet

Break (2:30-2:45)

2:45- End
Dayside science : (5-min presentations)
Drew Turner - Particle acceleration in transient ion foreshock phenomena
Hui Zhang (UAF) - Spontaneous Hot Flow Anormaly
Christina Chu - A Case and Statistical Study of Hot Flow Anomalies: A THEMIS Perspective
Naiguo Lin - Ion temperature anisotropy boundaries in the magnetosheath Martin Archer - Association of magnetosheath Pdyn pulses with solar wind discontinuities
Ferdinand Plaschke - High speed jets in the subsolar magnetosheath: a statistical study
Ferdinand Plaschke - Magnetopause surface waves: THEMIS observations compared to MHD theory
Brian Walsh - The plasmaspheric plume and magnetopause reconnection
SunHee Lee - Statistical Study of the Magnetopause Reconnection