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THEMIS/ARTEMIS SWT Meeting Winter 2022

Wednesday-Thursday, February 23-24th 2022 via Zoom

Meeting Information

Thank you to those who attended the THEMIS-ARTEMIS SWT meeting February 23-24th, 2022! Talk titles and selected presentation links are below.

Special congrats to our two Outstanding Student Presentation Award winners, Adrian LaMoury and Viktor Frantsuzov.

We are accepting papers for a THEMIS-ARTEMIS 15th Anniversary JGR Special Issue, submission details can be found here. The submission deadline is Dec. 31, 2022.

Wednesday February 23

Sawaguchi, Wataru (Kyoto University), Spectral properties of whistler-mode waves in the vicinity of the Moon
Wang, Huizi (Shandong Univ.), ENA and lunar water observations as studied by ARTEMIS, Chang'e and other space missions PDF
Wang, Kaiti (Tamkang University), Peak ion fluxes spectrum observed by ARTEMIS Mission during large Solar Proton Events PDF (private)
Halekas, Jasper (U. Iowa), Lunar Vertex mission and ARTEMIS PPTX
Xu, Shaosui (UCB, SSL), Lunar Photoemission Yields Inferred From ARTEMIS Measurements PDF
Poppe, Andrew (UCB SSL), ARTEMIS Observations of Lunar Nightside Surface Potentials in the Terrestrial Magnetotail Lobes PDF
Liuzzo, Lucas (UCB SSL), A Statistical Study of the Moon's Magnetotail Plasma Environment
Gao, Luphi (Nyheim Plasma Institute, Drexel University), Plasma sheet whistler-mode waves: THEMIS-based statistical model PDF
LaMoury, Adrian (Imperial College), Solar wind control of magnetosheath jet formation and propagation to the magnetopause PDF
Vuorinen, Laura (Univ. of Turku), Magnetic field in magnetosheath jets: A statistical study of Bz near the magnetopause PDF
Vuorinen, Laura (Univ. of Turku), Monte Carlo simulations of electron acceleration at magnetosheath jet-driven bow waves PDF (private)
Sawyer, Rhyan (U. Iowa), Electron Heating Near the Lunar Surface
Shahid, Muhammad (GC University Lahore Pakistan), Properties of quasi-periodical emission of electromagnetic ion cyclotron waves PDF (private)
Sibeck, David (NASA GSFC) Continuously Tracking the Bow Shock and Magnetopause: Theory PPTX
Silveira, Marcos (CUA), Continuously Tracking the Bow Shock and Magnetopause: Observations PDF (private)
Archer, Martin (Imperial College), Magnetopause ripples going against the flow form azimuthally stationary surface waves PDF
Zhang, Kun (Space Sciences Institute), The early-phase growth of ULF waves in the ion foreshock observed in a hybrid-Vlasov simulation PPTX
Sarris, Theodore (DUTh), Distribution of ULF wave power in Magnetic Latitude based on THEMIS and Arase measurements PPTX
Dorfman, Seth (Space Sciences Institute), Detecting the edges of Earth's ion foreshock using Magnetic Gauss's Law
Waheed, Abdul (USTC), Whistler and electron cyclotron harmonic waves at the near-Earth dayside plasma sheet: statistics of modulation by ultra-low frequency waves
Edmond, James (UNH), Using Unsupervised Machine Learning to Resolve Bow Shock Crossings PDF
di Matteo, Simone (Catholic University of America / NASA-GSFC), On the source of the anomalous ULF waves detected at ground and space on June 23, 2020 PDF
Weygand, James (UCLA EPSS), Fifteen Years of Spherical Elementary Currents and THEMIS
Gabrielse, Christine (Aerospace), Precipitating Energy Flux, Average Energy, and Hall Auroral Conductance from THEMIS All-Sky-Imagers during Two Substorms: Mesoscale Contributions PPTX
Artemyev, Anton (UCLA EPSS), Magnetotail current sheet thinning: THEMIS and ELFIN observations
Frey, Harald (UCB SSL) Status of THEMIS-GBOs and related SPEDAS software PPT
Vassilis Angelopoulos THEMIS/ARTEMIS update

Thursday February 24

Chao, Xiao (Shandong Univ.), Lunar tidal signatures at the plasmapause PDF (private)
Nishimura, Toshi (BU) Space-Ground Observations of Dynamics of Substorm Onset Beads
Tian, Sheng (UCLA AOS), Auroral beads in conjunction with kinetic Alfven waves in the equatorial inner-magnetosphere
Archer, Martin (Imperial College), Listening to the magnetosphere: How best to make ULF waves audible PDF
Atz, Emil (Boston University), Statistical Study of the Spatial Extent of Magnetopause Reconnection as Observed by THEMIS PPTX
Wang, Chi-Ping (UCLA AOS), Machine-learning plasma sheet empirical model with THEMIS and ARTEMIS data
Donovan, Eric (U. Calgary) THEMIS-ASI/TREx update PDF
Donovan, Eric (U. Calgary), Machine Learning Classification of the THEMIS-ASI Image Set
Urbar, Jaroslav (INGV), THEMIS-Swarm conjunctions analysed by the Fast Iterative Filtering: Multiscale insight into MIT coupling
Lyons, Larry (UCLA AOS), Verification of Substorm Onset from Intruding Flow Channels with High-Resolution SuperDARN Radar Flow Maps PDF (private)
Gan, Longzhi (BU), Bursty electron precipitations by very-oblique whistler-mode waves
Zhang, Wei (BU), Identifying the Structure and Propagation of Pc5 ULF Waves Using Space-ground Conjunctions
Frey, Sabine (UCB, SSL), THEMIS/ARTEMIS Mission Design Status PDF
Pease, Deron (UCB, SSL), THEMIS/ARTEMIS Mission Operation Status
Liu, Terry Z. (UCLA EPSS), Magnetospheric field-aligned current driven by foreshock transients PDF
Zhang, Xiaojia (UCLA EPSS), Energetic Electron Precipitation Driven by Nonlinear Landau Resonance with Oblique Whistler Waves
Hartinger, Mike (SSI/UCLA) Listening to THEMIS Measurements: Citizen Scientist Analysis of ULF Wave Events PDF
Ojha, Biswajit (Indian Institute of Geomagnetism), Observation of Low-frequency Magnetosonic waves associated with EMIC rising tones by THEMIS spacecraft
Yadav, Sneha (UCLA AOS), Association of equatorward extending streamers with ground magnetic perturbations and geosynchronous injections PDF (private)
Frantsuzov, Viktor (Space Research Institute, Moscow), Whistler-mode generation threshold in multicomponent plasma: THEMIS statistics and theoretical mode PDF
Shustov, Pavel (Space Research Institute, Moscow), THEMIS observations of radial evolution of thermal electron distributions in the magnetotail
Shen, Yangyang (UCLA EPSS), Plasma sheet energetic injection electron precipitation: a THEMIS-ELFIN-DMSP conjunction event PDF
Tsai, Ethan (UCLA EPSS), Utilizing ELFIN-THEMIS conjunctions to study non-linear resonance between relativistic electrons and whistler-mode waves
Bashir, Muhammad Fraz (UCLA EPSS), Hot plasma effects on electron resonant scattering by electromagnetic ion cyclotron waves PDF
Eyelade, Adetayo Victor (Universidad de Santiago de Chile) Properties of Ion and Electron Kappa distribution in the Earth's Magnetosphere: THEMIS observations PDF

If you have any questions please contact Emmanuel.