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THEMIS Level 2 ESA file info:

Electrostatic Analyzer (ESA): The Level 2 (L2) file contains ground-processed electron and ion energy fluxes (ions: 5 eV to 25 keV; electrons: 6 eV to 30 keV) and moments (density, velocity, pressure, and temperature). The file includes FULL, REDUCED and BURST modes. FULL mode: high angular resolution, low (fe min) time resolution. REDUCED mode: degraded angular resolution, high (apporox. 3 sec) time resolution. BURST mode: high angular resolution, high time resolution, but only short bursts of data. The ESA L2 values are calculated from Level 0 packet data. Note that files for dates before the boom deployment for each probe only contain the fluxes, and not the moments. Velocity moments are given in Despun Spacecraft (DSL), Geocentric Solar Eclipse (GSE) and Geocentric Solar Magnetospheric (GSM) coordinates.


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