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THEMIS Level 2 SCM file info:

Search Coil Magnetometer (SCM) Magnetic Field Measurements. Includes FAST SURVEY, PARTICLE BURST and WAVE BURST data. FAST SURVEY (SCF): 1/8 second time resolution. PARTICLE BURST (SCP): 1/128 second time resolution; only short bursts of data. WAVE BURST (SCW): 1/8192 second time resolution; only short bursts of data. Note that calibration parameters differ for the different modes; for SCF and SCP data, the following are used: mk = 8 (the convolution kernel used is 8 times the sample frequency), despin = 1 (use despin), n_spinfit = 2 (2 spins used to fit for misalignment, dc field calculation and despin, cleanup = 0 (no spin tone or 8/32 Hz tones), fdet = 0 (no detrend performed), fcut = 0.4 (low frequency cut-off for calibration), fmin = 0.8 (min frequency for filtering), fmax = 0 (use nyquist frequency for max frequency for filtering). For SCW data, the calibration parameters are: mk = 1, n_spinfit = 2, cleanup = 0, fdet = 0, fcut = 0.4, fmin = 2.0 , fmax = 0. An explanation of the SCM calibration parameters can be found in the SCM Calibration document.


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