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THEMIS/ARTEMIS SWG Meeting Fall 2011

Westin Annapolis, Annapolis, MD. September 14-16, 2011

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Mission status and accomplishments (Angelopoulos) PDF

Looking forward: RBSP and THEMIS (Ukhorskiy) PDF - Movie Files

Status and news about the THEMIS GBOs (Donovan and Frey ) PDF

The DREAM and ARTEMIS lunar plasma science connection (Farrell) PDF

Mission Highlight: Lunar Precursor Effects Observed by ARTEMIS in the Solar Wind and Magnetosphere (Halekas) PDF

Mission Highlight: First observations of a foreshock bubble: Implications for global magnetospheric dynamics and particle acceleration (Turner) PDF

Mission Highlight: Direct evidence for a three-dimensional magnetic flux rope flanked by two active magnetic reconnection X-lines at the Earth's magnetopause (Øieroset- given by Phan) PDF

Mission highlight: Possible Connection of Polar Cap Flows to Pre-Substorm Onset PBIs and Streamers and to Post-Onset Auroral Activity (Lyons- given by Nishimura) PDF

Dipolarization Fronts and Onset of Reconnection in the Magnetotail (Sitnov) PDF

Particle-in-cell simulation of Magnetotail dipolarization fronts and associated ion reflection (Wu) PDF

THEMIS observations of mid-tail reconnection and dipolarization fronts (Runov) PDF

Pre-onset azimuthal pressure gradient and associated auroral intensifications related to dipolarization fronts (Xing) PDF

Coupling of Dipolarization Front Flow Bursts to Substorm Expansion Phase Phenomena within the Magnetosphere and Ionosphere (Lyons- given by Xing) PDF

Auroral activity and ion distribution associated with magnetotail earthward-propagating dipolarization fronts (Ge)

Ion distributions upstream of earthward propagating dipolarization fronts (Zhou) PDF

Lunar surface charging: comparison of ARTEMIS data and particle-in-cell codes (Poppe) PDF

On the size of magnetotail flux ropes at ~ 60 RE downtail (Kiehas) PDF

A Statistical Survey of the Distant Magnetotail using THEMIS/ARTEMIS: Preliminary Results on Plasma Distribution and Transports (Stubbs) PDF

Velocity and E-Field Variations of the Geomagnetic Field During the Passage of Interplanetary Shocks (Kaymaz) PDF

Energy Source For Auroral Electrons From Two Proposed Substorm Onset Processes (Lui) PDF

Super-Alfévnic propagation of reconnection energy: Kinetic PIC simulations and satellite observations (Shay) PDF

Statistical Relation between Mid-latitude Positive Bays and Other Substorm Onset Signatures (Chu)

Auroral signature of ground Pi 2 pulsations (Nishimura) PDF - Animated GIF

Alfévnic arcs observed by FAST and the THEMIS GBO all-sky cameras (Frey and Mende) PDF - Movie Files

Comparison of electric field observations between THEMIS satellites and their ionospheric conjugate points (Liu) PDF

The magnetospheric source of proton aurora: implications for mapping (Donovan and Spanswick) PDF

The Solid State Telescope (SST) instruments: An update on recent progress in calibration, characterization, and decontamination (Turner) PDF

SPDF Tools and Activities Supporting THEMIS/ARTEMIS (McGuire) PDF

Orbit Design Updates for Upcoming Seasons (S. Frey) PDF

Whistler-mode chorus waves in the dayside outer magnetosphere: PENGUIn/AGO and THEMIS conjugate observations (Keika) PDF

A search of ion cyclotron waves in the magnetotail at the lunar orbit (Chi)

Recent progress in field line resonance sounding of the plasmasphere by ground magnetometer networks >

Frequency Doubling in Compressional Pc5 pulsations: Meridional Motion of the Equatorial Line of Nodes in the Ballooning-Mirror Instability (Sibeck and Korotova)

THEMIS Case Studies of Geo-effective Stream Interaction Regions (Mays)

THEMIS Observations and Simultaneous Auroral Imaging on the dayside (Mende)

3D Magnetopause Modeling with Multi-Spacecraft Observations and Support Vector Machine (Wang)

Out-Of-Sample Run-On-Request Tool empirical geomagnetic field model TS07D (Stevens)

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