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Level 2 THEMIS CDF files contain THEMIS calibrated data quantities in physical units. These data can be used by scientists directly; the instrumental details have been accounted for in the calibration process. Level 2 data files are stored in the permanent archive at UCB and are distributed to mirror sites and the SPDF. Level 2 data files are created daily using Level 1 data and calibration data and are updated and reprocessed when necessary. For example, updates in calibration data for a given instrument/time period will result in new Level 2 data files for that instrument and time period. Currently (as of June 2008), there are Level 2 files for ESA, SST, FBK, MOM, FIT (onboard), GMAG and FGM data. By December 2008, daily processing of EFI, FFT (onboard), STATE, and SCM Level 2 data files will commence. By the end of the mission there will be an L2 ASK cdf as well.

Users wishing to view L2 THEMIS data within the context of observations by other missions should employ Users wishing to view THEMIS orbits within the context of other missions should employ