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THEMIS provides summary plots for ground-based magnetometer data. These include stacked plots of the three components of the magnetic field for the THEMIS GBO magnetometer stations for 16 high-latitude stations and six low-latitude stations. For all-sky imager data there are three different types of overview plots. The all-sky image summary plot is an image with hours from left to right and 20 THEMIS GBO stations running from top to bottom with the westernmost station on top and the easternmost station on the bottom. A small image is shown if there is data for a particular hour and station. The Keogram plots show daily Keograms that present the aurora with slightly more detail. The average plot shows a series of images that were created by averaging full-resolution images for a minute at the GBO site and transmitted, one per hour. These images are intended to allow assessment of the camera and observing conditions. The spacecraft position is shown in the summary Geocentric Solar Magnetospheric (GSM) Orbit plots. These show the X, Y, and Z positions of each probe in GSM coordinates. The footprints over the north and south polar regions are shown in the Ground Tracks North and South plots. These plots also show the Geocentric Solar Ecliptic (GSE) coordinate positions.


Users wishing to view L2 THEMIS data within the context of observations by other missions should employ Users wishing to view THEMIS orbits within the context of other missions should employ