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FBK Level 2 Data Processing History

This web page contains significant dates for changes in the software and mastercdfs that are used to create THEMIS Level 2 data files for the FBK (Fields Filter Bank) data. Dates for reprocessing of FBK L2 files are included.

Files thx_l2_fbk_yyyymmdd_v01.cdf (where x = a,b,c,d or e):

Processing    Comments
2007-06-15:    First release.
2007-09-11:    Reprocessed all L2 files to clean out bad files. No change in FBK variables.
2008-01-10:    Full L2 reprocessing. No changes in variables or file format.
2008-04-18:    Full L2 reprocessing for TDAS version 4.00 QA. No changes in variables.
2008-10-27:    Reprocessed FBK L2 to correct center frequencies, also add software version number.
2010-05-17:    Reprocessed THB (post 24-Jul-2009), THC (post 13-apr-2010) L2 files in response to filled data gaps from L0/L1 processing.
2010-09-02:    Reprocessed all FFT FBK due to changes in L1 files to correct timing problems.
2011-01-07:    Reprocessed full mission for ESA, FBK, FGM, FFT, FIT, MOM, SCM, and SST; to correct for data gaps at day boundaries caused by time clipping in load routines.



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