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GMAG Level 2 Data Processing History

This web page contains significant dates for changes in the software and mastercdfs that are used to create THEMIS Level 2 files for the GMAG (Ground Magnetometer) instruments.

Dates for reprocessing of GMAG L2 files are included.

Processing    Comments
2006-10-18:    UCLA processing worked out. First complete processing set.
2006-12-12:    UCLA GMAG regeneration due to change in master CDF.
2007-05-30:    UCLA GMAG reprocessing due to new calibration files.
2011-09:    UCLA gmags BMLS, PINE, HOTS reprocessed due to new calibration files.
2011-11:    AUTUMN gmag REDR reprocessed due to change in mastercdf.
2012-05:    DTU and TGO gmags reprocessed due to mastercdf and coordinate system changes.


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